​5 Practical Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

One thing that can stand in the way of you enjoying adventures, and feeling like you can live your life to the fullest is a fear of flying. This type of anxiety can take all the fun for you out of what you see others doing, that you want to do like holidaying, exploring new places, meeting new people and blazing your own trial. It’s time to conquer your fear of flying.

It’s six months later and you have put that old nagging problem to bed, you took steps and were able to conquer your fear of flying. So how far have you come? Quite a ways to say the least! As you are talking with a friend about how you managed to do it you recall the struggles you faced before, and now see them for what they really were.

What was it like to conquer your fear of flying?

This, in short, is no fun at all. You know all too well that if you suffer from a fear of flying, simply thinking about it can be enough to cause you to break into cold sweats, and you were sick of feeling this way. You’d had enough of the sleepless nights in the weeks leading up to what should be something fun.

The nausea, palpitations, hyperventilating and shaky hands were insufferable. You’d ditched your flight for the last time, and are found yourself traveling by road for four days instead of taking a three hour flight. Enough was enough, you’d decided it’s was time to take your life back and conquer your fear of flying.

As you are talking with your friend about how you did it, you share the little things that helped you, maybe an article like this that you found on a website somewhere. These tips were the kind of thing that helped take the pressure off you and gave you the upper hand over your fear. You did this by removing some of the things that can be the seed for anxiety from your path. The great thing you found was that these tips didn’t break the bank!

(cue up the shimmery ripple effect as you look back into the past)

Book a suitable seat

It’s amazing how much of a difference a comfortable seat, and a little more legroom can make. If you can afford to pay for first class or business seats, these are much more luxurious and smoother than coach. Your flight will be much less stressful, and may even be fun! - conquer your fear of flying

However, if the cost is an issue for you, select a seat which will not leave you feeling enclosed, particularly if you suffer from claustrophobia.

I find that the ideal seats for me are in the front rows, the emergency exits, or towards the back rows. Keep in mind that the further back you go, in the event of turbulence, you will feel it more.

If these are not available, select one of the aisle seats which will give you the flexibility to get up when you need to, and won’t leave you feeling trapped during your flight.

Become familiar with the types of activities around the airport

If you can, get to at the airport earlier than your scheduled flight. I like to be at the airport about 2 hours before my scheduled flight. This can be an enjoyable experience as you cut all of the rushing around out of the picture. A good idea is to find a window to look through and watch the airplanes take off and land on the runway.

Observe what is going on in the normal daily routine at the airport. This will help put you at ease and give you confidence that you will be flying in an aircraft that is safe. It will also do a lot to reaffirm that this is just an everyday activity and all is normal.

If you can’t  get to the airport early enough to take this in, search the internet for videos that show the normal routine activities at the airport. Watch those about safe take-off and landing of the aircraft.

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Pam Taylor