​5 Practical Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

Prepare for turbulence and unfamiliar sounds

As much as turbulence and unfamiliar sounds can put you on edge, they are just a normal part of the flight. - conquer your fear of flyingTurbulence is the one thing that most passengers don’t look forward to when flying. If you have experienced turbulence in the past, you most likely don’t want to go through it again.

This is often because turbulence can be uncomfortable, and it can cause you to fear that the plane may crash. But the truth of the matter is that air pockets, the cause of turbulence, very rarely result in a disaster.

So expecting a bit of a bumpy ride coming from passing through air pockets will help you prepare for this. Remember, it is just a normal part of flying in an aircraft.

The sudden appearance of unusual or unfamiliar sounds can also result in people becoming a little jumpy or on edge. As you are sitting on your flight and you will hear different kinds of unexpected sounds. The will be sounds like the engines cycling through different phases, the flaps on the wings moving, or bells and dings coming from the speakers overhead.

Not knowing what these mean, and not knowing that they are a normal part of the fight, you may find you become a little anxious, and begin to stress about crashing. Take a deep breath, relax, you’ll be ok. These sounds are nothing to concern yourself about, they are quite a normal part of flying.

If you can, ask one of the flight attendants to explain what the lights and bells mean so you are at ease, they will oblige. They are there to help make your flight safe and enjoyable.

Find distractions during the flight

What are some of the things you enjoy doing that you can bring on the plane with you? Crosswords, Sudoku, word finders and other puzzles can take your mind off the flight; that’s if you enjoy these things.

Maybe you’re better off opting for an MP3 player or another personal device that you can bring on the plane, something to watch movies on or listen to music on.  Having something like this can help make the time pass quicker for you.

Some people struggle with how long they are on a flight. For them, some flights can seem to go for hours, when really they are much shorter.

Don’t forget to pack your current book, having something engaging to read, even the Kindle, or iPad to entertain you can make a big difference. One of my friends likes to bring her favorite pillow to make her feel comfortable and secure.

Become a member of the frequent flyer program - conquer your fear of flyingA very effective manner, also a quite challenging one to overcome your fear, is to confront it. If you are determined to conquer your fear of flying, take the opportunity to catch a flight as often as possible.

As you expose yourself repeatedly to flights and all things related to airports, you’ll find that you become more comfortable with this, and your fear will over time fade away.

However, don’t put yourself under the pressure of booking a long haul flight first up. Try taking a couple of shorter domestic flights first. Being normally a short flight duration, these will let you progressively familiarize yourself with the experience of flying.

After you’ve done a few flights like these, and if you believe you’re ready to step up, consider going a little further. Book yourself on a flight bound for a tropical location, or someplace that calls to you. How about going on that amazing adventure to South America that you always wanted to?

The reward for overcoming your fear of flying is liberating. You will have the ability to explore new and exciting places and live a life that is not obstructed by worries about what goes on during a flight. To conquer your fear of flying will require effort and persistence. You can achieve this if you have belief in yourself and your willpower is strong.

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