8 Rebound Relationship Signs To Look Out For

True To Herself - rebound relationshipAre you in a new relationship and you feel things are moving too fast? Or you’re in a relationship with someone who is fresh out of breakup? Then chances are you might be in a rebound relationship without even knowing it. Trust me, that sucks.

No woman wants to be in the position where it feels like her new heartthrob is just using her to heal from his recent breakup. Although you may not really blame the person who is using you for a rebound, since they might not be doing it intentionally, it sure makes a lot of sense to look out for red flags. Here are some tips you’ll find helpful.

You’re in a relationship with someone who is fresh out of break up

Want to be sure if you’re in a rebound relationship so you know how to protect yourself from getting hurt? Then one smart thing to do is check if he just quit a relationship.

Most guys who are fresh out of a relationship usually get into a new relationship to help them deal with the pain of heartbreak. But hey, the fact that he just quit his last relationship and is getting into a new one in less than a month doesn’t mean you’re are a rebound. Trust me, this only results in you proceeding with the relationship with caution so you don’t end up getting hurt.

If you find out his last relationship was pretty serious

Dating someone whose last relationship was incredibly serious can be quite challenging. Let’s face it, they may still be in love with their ex. It wouldn’t be such a problem if they only dated for a few months!

But when the relationship spans years and everyone around them thinks they were going to end up getting married, then you have to be very careful because chances are you might be in a rebound relationship.

Nobody easily forgets a hot sizzling romance that lasted years. So yes, this is a warning sign to look out for.

He is never single

If your new heartthrob has a repeated pattern of always falling in love after a bad breakup, then you should already know that the chances of you getting into a rebound relationship with such a person is high. So, it’s always smart to be sure so you don’t get hurt.

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