In this constantly changing world, it is no surprise to us that women are growing ever more independent and self-sufficient. As strong women capable of living their lives contentedly, without being physically and emotionally dependent on someone else. At True To Herself, we love to hear about women being true to themselves. Women finally have their choice. A choice of life style, career pursuits, relationships with friends, family, co-workers and their loved ones.

Women finally have their choice. A choice of life style, career pursuits, relationships with friends, family, co-workers and their loved ones.

In this day and age, women finally have the ability to make their choices based on their wants and needs, and their beliefs and values. A choice of career pathways, lifestyles, and relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

What is the purpose of True To Herself?

At True To Herself, our aim is to help all women enhance the quality of their lives. True To Herself is for women who want to be emotionally, spiritually, mentally, intellectually and physically complete.

True To Herself - Super Power

We understand that we don’t one day wake up and suddenly we are a woman, we understand that becoming a woman is a journey that is made of various twists and turns, some good surprises and some not so good surprises (and not just monthly!) ones. We would love to consider it our honor to be on this journey with you. Our intention is to be there to answer your questions, and to be by your side and to support you always.

We want to encourage you to establish your identity as a woman who is true to herself and embrace your unique self.

Being a woman in today’s society is characterised by freedom

Freedom is a right in our society that many women enjoy. It allows us to establish our own rules and boundaries based on what we identify as important: our health, interests, financial independence, personal and professional growth, quality relationships.

  • our growth
  • our interests
  • our well-being
  • our spirituality
  • our physical health
  • financial independence
  • personal development
  • professional development, and
  • quality relationships.

True To Herself is here to support you in the time you gift yourself to breathe in, learn, improve, grow, and exhale. Taking time to reflect on yourself is of utmost importance as a woman, giving yourself the opportunity and permission to consider what you really want, and whom you really want to be in your life.

Be a little self-centered, you deserve it! By this, we mean to take the time to center your universe first, before working on expanding it by letting more people become a part of it. Working on yourself first is the best path to take to establish meaningful and long-standing relationships.

Finding the right person

You may be here to work on yourself before entering into a romantic relationship. If so, please keep in mind that no one really can predict the exact time or place when they will meet the person of their dreams, and there certainly are no magical spells for this either.

If you are looking for that perfect partner, look to yourself first and become happy with you and who you are.

What does it mean for a woman to be truly happy?

How you define happiness will depend on your personal levels of contentment. Before you give entering into another relationship a chance, you need to be certain of your happiness first.

Truly loving yourself as a strong woman, a unique individual, and a truly beautiful person will help ensure your future relationships with others in your life, particularly men, much more healthy and satisfying.

While some women find that they would rather be independent, others have a need to settle down, make a home and share their lives with someone special and start a family. Others want to blaze a trail and see the world. Both are perfectly accepatble, if they are are what you want. As women, we all have different wants and needs.

Why read True To Herself?

No matter which route you choose, let True To Herself to be a source of inspiration; your guide through all the various trials and successes that you may encounter through the journey that epitomises what it means to be a woman. Don’t let others cast dark clouds over you or rain on your parade. Be unashamedly driven by your aspirations and desires as you strive to become the wonderful woman you deserve to be.

With love,

True To Herself