Conquering the Fear of Flying with Journaling - overcome fear of flying with journalingActive steps to overcome your fear of flying can be easy to apply if you want them to be. A lot of people would rather live with their fear of flying instead of taking steps towards something about it.

This can be due to things like; their thinking that the process is likely to cost a small fortune, or their ego gets in the way of them overcoming their fear.

What they often don’t realise is that there are inexpensive and discrete options to help with this sort of fear. A great example of how this can be achieved at low cost and without talking openly to anyone can be found in journaling.

Journaling has been used for a long time as a methodology to help with managing stress and a range of other psychological conditions. This is why it should not be a surprise journaling is a valuable skill to possess when working through conquering your fear of flying.

Journaling; what is it?

Journaling isn’t as mundane as writing down notes about your flying experiences in a diary while applying a specific pattern or format.

Journaling does not require you to stick any predefined pattern or structure when recording your entries. You do not need to filter or limit the thoughts or words that you write in your journal.

Are there any specific skills you need to have to journal? - overcome fear of flying with journalingThankfully no. You don’t need to possess a natural talent for writing to record your journal entries successfully. The act of journaling is more about it being a therapeutic process when learning how to conquer your fear of flying.

All you require is enough patience and persistence to write every time you are getting set to catch the next flight. You also need to undo some old habits and reverse the learned filters that you have now subconsciously applied to censor yourself.

Schools have a lot to answer for in my opinion, but that’s a topic for another time. What you need to do is go against the flow of keeping quiet and being a good little girl in your journaling.

This is your private space to express yourself without fear and conditioned restraint. Write freely, express fully, use any language you choose to without fear of judgment. No one else is going to be given your journal to read; you’re going to keep it just for you.

What are the benefits of journaling?

The benefits of journaling when you look at how it can help you to conquer a fear of flying are obvious. But journaling has its real power in allowing you the space to explore your own thoughts and internal dialogue outside of your head.

Journaling at different times will provide you with a range of insightful opportunities to reflect. It can also make it a lot easier for you to identify the events that contributed to a specific time, for example; where you had a panic attack before taking off on your last flight. - overcome fear of flying with journalingThis process will also help make it easier for you to distinguish specific factors from others which could be the root cause of your fear.

Journaling gives you a way in which to maintain a track of your progress and is a healthy alternative to some potentially nasty pharmacological options. As a noninvasive therapy, journalling will allow you to explore a range of options and associated therapies that could work very nicely for you.

As you don’t need to adhere to a specific format in your journaling, you will have the flexibility to express yourself freely and unreservedly. It really is a great way to air out your feelings about your fear of flying.

Comparatively, journalling is much less expensive than professional help. This is a great place to start before jumping into other more expensive therapies and paying large chunks of cash to professionals.

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