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Going on a Holiday Alone; Would You Consider It?

Have you ever given much thought to the idea of going on a holiday alone?

Imagine this; just you, your bags packed with all you need, and paradise waiting around the next corner. No pesky travel companions to slow you down, no impersonal tourist guides to shuffle you from one tourist trap to another, being able to fully enjoy your experience, and not a shadow of hassle. - holiday aloneAhhh, sounds delightful, right? Just you and the best holiday (or vacation) spots on your bucket list that you want to go see.

However, things can sometimes spin around and bite our bums, giving us a bit of a wake-up call.  What we envisaged as being a picture-perfect retreat can evolve into an unpleasant experience. That doesn’t have to be the case though.  If well planned, the escape to your most desired holiday spots that you have been longing for can become one of your greatest, and quite possibly most memorable of experiences.

So before you rush off to start packing your bags, and booking your tickets to hit the hottest holiday spots, think about the following elements first so you end up having the best possible holiday experience as a solo traveler going on holiday alone.

Plan ahead

Don’t simply toss your clothes unceremoniously into your bag and then randomly fly to some place that is supposed to be one of the best holiday spots for single women. Pour some time into planning your adventure ahead of time. Planning ahead will allow you to save up for it, and anticipate the things that you need to consider when going on holiday alone.

So do your research ahead of time, book your flights, and make the reservations for your accommodation or tours ahead of time,  as this will help manage the costs and result in less hassle come the time you take off.

Research the destination - holiday aloneTake the time to do your due diligence and research the destination first. Don’t forget to check the weather; as obvious as that sounds I’ve seen so many women rush to the store to buy a swimsuit.

If you are going to a country where they speak another language download some language lessons. There are some great free resources online.

I love reading the Lonely Planet guides for a place I’m going to. Learning about the local customs, unique things to look out for, the highlights of the place, it’s more popular and its lesser-known attractions all provide for a memorable and rounded experience. - holiday aloneIf you are the sporty type you may want to check out a local game or match, watching a sporting event that is foreign to you will certainly be memorable. I love to get into the mix of the local scene and really feel the adventure. When in Yunnan, China on my last trip as a traveler I joined tens of thousands of locals in the square for the evening exercises; tai chi and a brand of circuit training that was more comical than serious. It was a blast and I often look back on that memory fondly.

I’ve found that when I go on holiday alone I tend to open myself up more and engage with others, rather than stay within the cliques of my social circles when traveling with friends. Going on holiday alone can be very rewarding when it comes to making new friends.

For any other information that you feel is appropriate for you to know, Google is an awesome resource. Find out all that you can about the holiday spot you’re going to, and immerse yourself in the adventure you deserve!

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