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How to Catch a Cheating Man

What is an Emotional Affair?

An emotional affair can be just as destructive to a committed relationship as a sexual affair. Some of the signs that an emotional affair may be developing could be seen in the following.

  • Has your husband suddenly started showing a big interest in the computer and chat rooms?
  • Is he on his phone all the time, often ignoring the attempts at the conversation you are making?
  • Has he taken an interest in a particular female co-worker and is spending time with her outside of work?

This can be cause for alarm bells to start ringing. Particularly if you confront him and he tells you it is completely platonic, that they simply enjoy each other’s company, and that they are just good friends. It can be very difficult to accept that he is confiding in her, letting her know all of your marital problems (his side).

Even when he comes home, all excited to tell you about his adventures (if she is local), this is not very healthy. You may find that he may have online friends like this; it is still an emotional investment from him, and one that takes away from the two of you as a couple.

Is he having an affair?

The short answer to this is yes! It may not be physical, but emotional affairs are just as dangerous to a marriage. - how to catch a cheating manWhen someone else has his attention and affection in a close “friendship” to a depth of that kind, that is taking away from your committed relationship.

The actions on how to catch a cheating man in a case like this are much harder to prove, since the whole friendship is seemingly innocent. There is no physical contact between the two, so they won’t be found in hotel rooms, or sneaking around. All you really have to go by are the tips on identifying a cheater is his emotional absence at home.

Why Do Men Cheat?

Ask a thousand people, and you are likely to get a thousand different answers to this question. You will notice that there are a few things in particular that are coming through in the answers, no matter how the response is worded. - how to catch a cheating manWhen surveyed, the most common responses included:

  • The “need” for variety, the marriage or long-term commitment has become too routine and stale. He feels that all he does is work and go home in his mind.
  • Some men have it in their nature, and they may have learned it from their parents when they were younger. This makes it ok in his mind because his father did it.
  • He travels for business and claims he is suffering from loneliness, so he has little trysts while on the road.
  • He may be addicted to sex, or the thrill he gets from the chase and conquest of a new lady (if it is a pattern, he will tire of her and move on to another).
  • He feels deprived of the kind of sex he expects at home; that his needs aren’t being met.
  • His oversized ego wants all sorts of adventures with other women to prove his self-worth.
  • H feels that there is something wrong in the marriage and that communication has failed. Instead of seeking counseling, or talking it out with his partner; he cheats.

The tips provided here on identifying a cheater I hope gives you some insight into the signs that you may see. But the best indication that something may be wrong is your inner radar. Pay attention to it and you may be able to stop worrying about how to catch a cheating man!

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