Moving On With Your Life; How to Get Through a Heartbreak

Don’t worry about “needing a man”

Believe me, it will not take you long to realize that you do not need anyone to rely on, except yourself! Once you have made it through the first six months to a year; things will get easier, and you realize who you can rely on! You will survive a separation, and be more confident and self-sufficient. There are a few things you shouldn’t attempt during the first year:

  • Any kind of romantic relationship; it will most likely be a rebound romance, and you will regret rushing into it. This is no way to get through a heartbreak. It will be a blow to your already shaky self-esteem while trying to rebuild your life.
  • Dating; casual dates are ok, after all, we all need a break in our lives. Just keep it in the friend’s zone.
  • Do things with your kids; movies, shopping, even a walk in the park just to let them know that they are not alone, and you are still there to support them. This is especially important if your now-absent partner is not in contact with them.
How to Handle Other Family Members

Your parents and your in-laws (if they are still alive and in contact) can present their own set of problems. Initially, the in-laws will most likely blame you for the whole separation. After all, he is their son, and how could he just do something like that? You must have had a hand in it for sure! - how to get through a heartbreakWith in-laws, you usually have to take their attitude with a grain of salt, and stay clear of them. Stand your ground; stay polite when you do have contact. After all, you do have their grandchildren, and if there is a relationship there, it should be maintained.

Your parents could also take a similar attitude if your absent partner was well liked. This isn’t the usual case when trying to figure out how to get through a heartbreak, but be prepared. Again, if possible be civil, they too have grandchildren and a relationship with them. You and your kids will be able to survive a separation and get on with your lives!

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