So You Want To Know; Is He Serious About You?

So you finally meet someone who knocks you off your feet and makes you all tingly inside but now, it’s time to ask – “Is he serious about you?” - Is he serious about youYou have a good feeling about this guy. Every time your date would end, you would always look forward to the next one. You are officially in love, but you are still not sure if he’s looking for a serious relationship (and you wish that he was).

Dating should be fun and exciting, but it should not stop you from looking for something more serious and secure. Someone who will share their soul with you and honestly tell you about their thoughts will, no doubt, be serious about you. If you are the type who yearns for a relationship where you will feel safe and comfortable, then you might want to ask some of these questions of the person who you think would be a potential boyfriend.

Do you enjoy my company?

Great chemistry is definitely a big factor in determining whether or not a relationship would last. However, it can only be formed if a couple genuinely likes talking to and spending time with each other. Two people who seriously enjoy each other’s company tend to want to know what makes the other person laugh.  - Is he serious about youThey tend to seek whatever would make the other person happy and do it just to put a genuine smile on their face. But it is not just about the cute and silly things that you do that can make him enjoy your company. Deep, insightful conversations, random musings that you have, your quirks, and the inside jokes that you share all contribute to the fun in the relationship.

When you want to know ‘is he serious about you?’ ask your potential boyfriend if he enjoys being with you. If he seriously thinks that you two have great chemistry and that he enjoys your company, he will start telling you the reasons why he thinks so. From his reasons, you will be able to gauge his sincerity and eagerness to be with you.

Would you introduce me to your friends and family?

Everyone knows that meeting your significant other’s family or friends is a really big deal and a great leap in the relationship. It means that he wants the important people in his life to recognize you as someone who is equally as important to him as they are.  - Is he serious about youBeing introduced to the people who have been there for him and have seen him through ups and downs can only mean that he is willing to open himself up to you and let you into that intimate part of his life.

The way he answers this question would indicate just how eager he is to let you into his world. A look of excitement and a genuine twinkle in his eyes should tell you that he is more than willing to introduce you to them. And if he mentions a possible date, or event where you could meet his friends and family, then that means that he is sincerely looking forward to it.

If, on the other hand, he can’t meet your gaze and keeps looking around as if he is trying to look for a way out then it is safe to say that he is hesitant in letting you see that part of his life.

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