So You Want To Know; Is He Serious About You?

Have you told any of your friends and family about me?

In the beginning days, it can be hard to know in your heart ‘is he serious about you?’, and some people might feel that it is too early in the relationship to start talking about the person you have been seeing. However, it is also completely normal to gush about the person who makes you happy and talk to your friends or family about them.  - Is he serious about youIf he tells you that he has not told anyone yet about you, but intends to do it soon, then that most likely means that he is only waiting for the right moment. In this case, it is good if he makes an effort to sincerely assure you that he will do it in time.

On the other hand, if he has told some of his closest friends and family about you then that is a clear indication that he is really excited about you. Both scenarios are okay but really, it is the way he explains himself that should answer the question “is he serious about you?”

How would you try to fix things if we get into a fight?

The best answer to hear is that he would always try to look at things through your perspective, and hear you out whenever things get a bit out of hand.  - Is he serious about youMisunderstandings are never fun, and if he tells you that he would never let a day pass without you two being okay again, then a relationship with him should not bear too much stress. This will be the case as long as you are also willing to always fix issues with maturity and composure.

If you want a serious relationship, then you should be ready to always consider your partner’s thoughts and feelings, and your significant other should also do the same for you.

Do you see us being together for a long time?

If your potential boyfriend tells you that he wants to be with you for a long time, then that is a good sign that he is ready to commit, and that he feels strongly about you. It may be hard to know at that particular moment if you really will end up settling down and staying together for years, but his body language and eagerness, as he assures you, should let you know of his true intentions.

As he answers these questions, look for signs that say he is being honest. He should be able to look you in the eyes and assure you that he will do what he can to keep you with him.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

This may sound cliche and overused, but it can give you a clear sign of where you might stand in the relationship. If he sees himself settling down with you, then that means he is not just fooling around and is seriously looking for love. A guy who is in it for the long haul should be able to sincerely tell you that you are a part of his plans.  - Is he serious about youLooking for a serious relationship is hard, especially in this day and age. Most people nowadays only look for little more than physical intimacy, which is why it’s completely normal to ask a potential boyfriend these questions. But ultimately, if the answer to the question “is he serious about you?” makes you feel positive that things would turn out well, then, by all means, follow your heart.

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