How to Overcome A Fear of Flying: What Can Worsen It?

Due to the reality that a fear of flying can be very problematic, particularly to those who consistently experience the associated physiological symptoms, many of the ways to overcome a fear of flying tend to be focused on the management of these symptoms.

This could very well work for some, however, this isn’t always the most effective approach because the elimination of behaviors and external factors that can trigger or exasperate a fear of flying will be overlooked. This is why understanding the various elements of behaviors which can prove to be a trigger for this sort of fear is necessary.

We will have a look at some of the things that are likely to worsen your fear, and what can be learned to help you so you can move closer to overcoming your fear of flying.

Squabbles, disagreements, and fighting

Of the most often given pieces of advice in overcoming fears is to face them head-on and boldly fight the fear. This can work for some, but for others, it can result in more complications than before. So it is safe to say that there will be times where that strategy is not the most effective to apply to overcome a fear of flying.

This bullish approach to overcoming fears can be one of the reasons why some people who are terrified of flying never resolve their issues. Even in cases where they have traveled by air for as long as they can recall, this can still be an issue. Here we will suggest that you try concentrating on acceptance rather than an aversion to overcome a fear of flying.

Overcome A Fear of Flying; Eliminate Anticipation

Mistakenly, some can place the concept of coping into the same pigeon-hole as the concept of acceptance. There is a very fine line between acceptance and coping, yet they can also be quite stark in aspects of their contrast. - overcome a fear of flyingWhen living with a fear of flying, this difference depends on the effects of acceptance and coping. Understanding that there is likely to be the familiar wave of fear that you anticipate experiencing when flying can cause you to dread the prospect for weeks ahead. Some people who suffer from a fear of flying even go so far as to picture themselves experiencing a breakdown moments before, or even during their planned flight.

This can make it harder for an aviophobia to completely avoid this situation unfolding. Understanding how to overcome a fear of flying by means of a number of supportive coping mechanisms will help to equip you with a range of tools which will be at your disposal, and enable you to prepare for the wave of anxiety which you could encounter. This will help you to keep control of the situation and manage it under your terms.


Simply trying to avoid the problem is one of the least effective, and quite possibly unconstructive behaviors which can intensify your fear of flying. This is due to the fact that avoiding the problem can do more to push you towards much more expensive modes of travel simply to avoid taking a flight.

You may also find that you wind up postponing important family reunions and other social events. This can have emotional impacts on you that are deeply irreparable. This is why attempting to overcome a fear of flying by means of avoidance is not beneficial. By being aware of these three types of behaviors, you will be better equipped to control the situation and stave off the chance of a massive panic attack. You will have taken steps towards finally getting rid of that pesky fear of flying for good.

The video below outlines some very good tips on how to turn your anxiety, or fear, on its head and use it to your advantage. Mel Robbins shares some creative visualization strategies that I have used both on myself, and to help others in the seats near me when they have encountered a panic attack while flying. I hope that these help you overcome your fear of flying.

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