How to Survive a Heartbreak and Move On

Distract Yourself

When we are in pain and feeling hopeless, it can become very easy for us to fall into a state of self-pity and wallow in our own misery. This is the worst thing that you can do in this situation. - Survive a Heartbreak

More often than not, when our emotions are high and we are feeling particularly low, bad thoughts enter our minds which can be dangerous for our mental and emotional health. Emotional pain makes us more vulnerable to bad thoughts, and therefore makes it more likely for us to act on them.

Most people would recommend taking long walks or jogging; anything that would keep you from staying still, to help you clear your head. You can also take various classes and brush up on skills that you have wanted to improve. Keeping yourself busy will not only help take your mind off of harmful negative thoughts, it can also help you work on yourself and drive you to become a better you.

A word of caution with regard to distracting yourself; you do need to give yourself permission to grieve and work through the complex range of emotions when taking steps to survive a heartbreak. Throwing yourself into your work, or anything else without appropriate balance will only mask the situation. This then may have the very real potential to resurface in the future and bring you more pain. To avoid this happening, take the time to talk to someone.

Create a List of Things to Look Forward to - Survive a HeartbreakLet’s face it, when we’re hurting, it can be hard to see all the good that may come in the future. Right now, everything is bleak; your heart and soul hurt, and you feel exhausted because of the pain. This spiral draws you to a place which is a lot like a dark, long emotional tunnel, that seems to have no light in the end. This is the kind of state you need to escape to survive a heartbreak.

But remember this; the pain is temporary. There will always be something to look forward to, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you now. Anything that can motivate you to get out of bed every day will make a great difference in how you deal with the pain. You can always start slowly by making tasks, even as trivial as going out for groceries or walking the dog, as your main priority for continuing to live normally.

For others, there may be a need to take more adventurous steps. Escaping on a holiday to a far-off tropical location, or hiking through another country for weeks, may just be what is needed in order to hit the reset button on your emotions and find a ‘purpose’ where you feel one may have been previously lacking.

Be Grateful for the Little Things

Life is made up of the thousands of - Survive a Heartbreakall things that we can overlook every day. If we try to look at the numerous good things that happen every day, most especially the small ones, it becomes easier for us keep a grateful heart. A person whose mind is filled with gratitude is often resilient, and able to take on the hardships of life.

Life goes on, even when you feel like the biggest thing at the moment is your pain. Trying to survive a heartbreak is never easy, but once you get past this, you will definitely come out stronger, better, and wiser.

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