What Does A Genuinely Attentive Guy Actually Look Like?

Genuinely attentive guys will think more about you than many other guys you’ve dated previously - genuinely attentive guyNo matter where he is, or what he is doing, a genuinely attentive guy will typically be more inside his own head. His true strengths are in thinking and observing.

You may notice him from time to time daydreaming or imagining. Most of his thoughts through the day will be of you.

Being aware of this enables you to understand him even more and see the true person under the skin. What may be mistaken for starting with this guy is normally a far off gaze that is more a contemplative than observational. This may well be the time when he is unconsciously retreating into his head. It is here where he is processing his thoughts; some may very well be thoughts about you and the lovely things he wants to do for you.

Genuinely attentive guys are particularly thoughtful

Since they spend much of their time being aware of others, genuinely attentive guys can easily remember details like your anniversary date, your birthday, your favorite cafe, and your favorite cocktail.  Being able to effortlessly call to mind these things will enable him to play a big part in keeping your relationship interesting and exciting.  He’s the type of guy who will never forget about the specifics of the day that you first met, which is very romantic indeed.

The chances that a genuinely attentive guy would cheat on his girlfriend is low

Since they aren’t particularly self-centered or motivated by desires to pursue other women, it’s rather unlikely that genuinely attentive guys will cheat.

There is little reason to worry about other women who are in his life, he is less likely to be tempted to go astray than other guys as this behavior is incongruent with his nature.

Getting to know a genuinely attentive guy before deciding to date him is like unwrapping a multi-layered decadent chocolate.  It might take you a bit of time, require more effort than some other guys, and possibly be a little difficult at times. But having discussed with my friend some of the many positive traits of her mister right, and shared the lessons I’ve learned, I hope to encourage you to seriously heed the tips for dating a genuinely attentive guy.  Once you get to know him, I can assure you, it will be more than worth it.

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