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Coping With a Female Midlife Crisis

What is a mid-life crisis for a woman? The real name for this is menopause. The term “Midlife crisis” was coined many years ago most, likely by someone’s male doctor or husband, to explain the ups and downs their middle age wife was experiencing.

This is an actual change that women go through once our childbearing years are done. Hormones decrease and wreak havoc on our brains and physical bodies. Unfortunately, it IS a fact of life, and absolutely normal. We will explore what is a mid-life crisis for a woman. - what is a mid-life crisis for a womanAs our bodies change, once the childbearing years are over, there is a decrease in many hormones we have in our bodies. We get emotional over what seems like nothing, crying one minute, and angry and yelling the next. Depression and anxiety are frequent companions during this massive change.

It is possible that as a child you saw some of these signs in your own mother, and heard your dad complain about how to survive a mid-life crisis without losing his mind!

When you are trying to define what is a mid-life crisis for a woman, The only one description that remains the same is the one from a Doctor, in medical terms and descriptions. The rest, well, there are many ways to describe it as there are women going through it.

Depression and anxiety seem to be the front-runners in symptoms. They seem to show up and the worst times, and with no warning. Somehow we do learn how to survive a mid-life crisis with trial and error, and medical guidance.

What is a mid-life crisis for a woman?

Answering the question of what is a mid-life crisis for a woman is no simple task. Our significant others can be really frustrated by our actions and breakdowns at odd moments. The depression and anxiety that sets in just before a dinner date for no reason at all; the other changes like sudden hot flushes that make you heave off the covers and stand in front of the nearest open window or fan (even in winter). Night sweats, with or without the hot flashes are disturbing sleep; insomnia is in there as well. Is it no wonder this is a difficult time in a relationship, and one wonders can a marriage survive a mid-life crisis? - what is a mid-life crisis for a womanThis is a small list of signs for you to look out for to see if you are headed for “the change” and hopefully some insight into the question of what is a mid-life crisis for a woman.

You are approaching your 45th birthday (earlier for some, later for others) and are becoming increasingly irritated at the smallest things; a door left ajar, a messy kitchen table.

Things that were insignificant can suddenly become “the worst thing ever” when you encounter them; even if you have seen them daily for many years. Depression and anxiety seem to rear their ugly heads for no reason at all. Impatient, short-tempered; your significant other and teen children try to stay out of your path as much as possible.

Irregular cycles of too often or less often can make you wonder what is going on too. This is another early sign. Up and down hormones while they are finding their new normal is the cause of your depression and anxiety, hot flashes and night sweats. This pretty much defines what is a mid-life crisis for a woman!

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