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What is Spiritual Intelligence?

Woo woo Nonsense

The new age movement that emerged over recent years may well be on of the reasons why some are reluctant in considering spiritual reality as a valid aspect of life. The perception of a wish-fulfilling, guru-based, or woo-woo nonsense philosophy has outwardly harmed spiritual intelligence for some and has resulted in it being seen as flaky.

There have been some rather extreme stories in mainstream media at the acute end of the spectrum. Examples such as people ending up giving away their power over to cults and dubious individuals, or living in fantasy worlds. The truth is that spirituality doesn’t require the inclusion of such practices or beliefs. Spirituality is really rather practical and simple, and gives way to more positive results in day-to-day life.

What is spirituality?

Referring to an aspect or reality which is more than intellectual, emotional, or physical, spirituality is the essence that connects all things. With this, we, as humans, are actively participating in something much bigger than the sum of ourselves.

Spiritual intelligenceSpiritual reality is experienced by human beings as benevolent , and being the source of higher ideals such as love and compassion. For the human being the soul is our link with spiritual reality. When the soul perceives spirit it evokes a spontaneous response of appreciation, gratitude, and awe. Spirit is food for the soul. Without it, the soul starves and life is diminished.

Without a spiritual focus, life is a selfish competition of survival of the fittest. The only aims are worldly success, money, fame, power, and pleasure. If you can’t aspire to these things, the best you can do is try to avoid suffering and abuse from the ‘fittest’.

In comparison, people with spiritual intelligence understand that life is precious and therefore sacred and worthy of respect. What counts is the degree to which we can embody spiritual principles here on the material plane.

Can we live in balance and harmony, creating generous and loving lies and make a contribution to the whole?

Can we express tolerance, courage, and dignity as we go about our daily activities?

Are we capable of openness and forgiveness?

If you have a high spiritual IQ you understand that yours and others lives do make a difference, so it’s worthwhile being the best person you can be. The following are some simple spiritual principles that cultivate such spiritual intelligence.


The first step towards spiritual intelligence is giving yourself time for this aspect of your being. Spirit exists at a subtle level of reality. You will not see it with your outer eyes, or hear it with your physical ears. Spirit is not physical, so it cannot be perceived with your senses.

Spirit is not thought either, so there is no way you can think your way into spirit. This is why people who rely on their intellects can quite blithely say nothing spiritual exists, because they have never used the fatalities that could detect its existence.

The access to spirit is through stillness, so you need to have some sort of practice that encourages this. The activity can be as simple as got for a walk or sitting in a park or by the sea. It doesn’t need to be extraordinary, just something different from your normal activities, something that gives the doing a rest and allows the mind to be quiet and gives space for the soul.

The soul is the intermediary between spirit and yourself. When you are still, your soul’s inner senses become active.  You can see spirit with your inner eyes when you recognize and appreciate beauty. Beauty is an expression of spirit and we respond to it with our soul. You can hear spirits message with your inner ears through knowing and intuition.

You can feel spirits touch upon your inner self when you experience peace, serenity, or joy. These are not emotions, they are spiritual feelings. They touch your whole being and leave you transformed.

If you fill up your life with activity you may actually forget the whole point behind what you were doing and why you were here. By staying still often enough and long enough you can remember your true spiritual nature and what you are here to do.

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