What Is The Meaning Of Love? – The Ultimate Cliff Notes

Love is a word that many people throw around a little too often it seems. Everything from totally ‘loving’a particular flavor of ice cream, through to being ‘in love’ with the latest series on Netflix. That raises a question for me; so what is the meaning of love?

Wow, what a lofty question! I assure you I’m not about to break into some Socratic dialogue about philia, agape, and eros.

As a 34-year old woman, I’ve felt everything from love, heartbreak, love, disappointment, anger, and love again. - what is the meaning of loveThe peculiar thing about love is that you undoubtedly learn something different about it with each relationship you are in. My much young seventeen-year-old self was adamant that I knew what love was.Really, what’s not dreamy about midnight curfews and dates at the McDonald’s in town?

All that is needed is for one truly great love to show you what is really required in order to love. I don’t mean the infatuation we can feel sometimes with greater frequency, I mean the type of love which brings out the very best version of you.

Looking at what I have come to learn about love, I have compiled some cliff notes here for you. Keeping in mind that I’m still on the path of experiencing love and life, this is by no means all that there is to such a complex topic!

Keeping Yourself Open To Change - what is the meaning of loveMany things can change when you find that you are in love. You begin to grow in a different direction, and at times that can be more aligned with your partner’s trajectory. That being said, you should be helping each other to create the best version of yourselves.

In my current relationship with my significant other, I’ve been fortunate enough to have rediscovered once lost passions, and I am now in consistent pursuit of my dreams. To me, this feels so much less overwhelming than I could have imagined because I have a partner who checks in on me, supports me and holds me accountable for my plans.

So when I suggest that you ‘be open to change’ I hope to convey that true love is about you becoming a better person and helping to do the same for your significant other. This will help you on your path to understanding ‘what is the meaning of love?’

Let It Flourish

This can seem much easier said than done, right? Love needs time. I don’t believe that there is love at first sight, so much as lust at first sight. But that’s not a reason to hide away, that initial lust certainly can flourish into love. So don’t give up after that first date! First dates can be awkward but they are necessary. Once you get over that initial hurdle and still find there is a spark then run with it!

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