What Is The Meaning Of Love? – The Ultimate Cliff Notes

Communication Is Key - what is the meaning of loveCommunication is key to understanding the complex moving parts behind the question ‘what is the meaning of love?’ Communication will either make or break a relationship, and it will do the same with love. Love is a truly wonderful and amazing thing to experience, but without communication that is maintained it runs the very high risk of going up in smoke much faster than you might think.

Your significant other and you may share all the love in the world with each other. You may be the kind of couple who would do anything for each other, however, if something is bothering either of you, by keeping it to yourself and not talking about it things can spiral quickly. Good communication will allow you to nip it in the bud quickly,and greatly reduce the chances of a potential explosion.

The Little Things Make All The Difference - what is the meaning of loveI have to say that this would have to be my favorite thing about really being in love; it’s all about the little things.It’s those times when something nice is done with no ulterior motive. Those things that we do for each other without expectation whichhave a noticeable impact.

It doesn’t need to be over the top or flashy. True love can be demonstrated in the simplest of acts, such as; making your significant other a cup of coffee in the morning, or taking them out to see that movie they have wanted to see, or a nice bottle of wine for a DVD and a date night in.

Love doesn’t need to be showy and extravagant because when you really are in love, it’s the little things that make all the difference and add up. My significant other took the time to send each other postcards and letters when we were in our long distance relationship. Was that difficult for us to do? No. But I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, it sure made for lasting effects as something thoughtful to do which made the other partner feel special.

Love can teach you so much about yourself, regardless of if it is real love, or feels like something very close to it. Take the value you need from each lesson and apply it where you feel it best fits your circumstances, you could also sneak in your own cheat sheet, just as a reference to your idea of ‘what is the meaning of love?’

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